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Lamnea Bruk: Highlights at upcoming shows in China and India

Lamnea Bruk: Highlights at upcoming shows in China and India

Lamnea Bruk AB specializes in the design and manufacture of machines for the wire industry. The Sweden-based company has...

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News from Lamnea Bruk AB. Wire show in Düsseldorf


To our valued Customers and Business Partners

"This year 2014 will be the year of exceptional international events and as such, the Olympic Winter Games in Sotchi already took place, the Soccer World Championship in Brasil will take place in June and in between the WIRE Show in Düsseldorf will start on April 7th.
Traditionally Lämneå Bruk AB..."

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Lämnea Bruk to establish branch office in Germany


Lämnea Bruk is very pleased to announce that on November, 1st 2013 the company has established a German Branch Office in Iserlohn.
Mr. Thomas Voss, who is well known in the international wire industry as competent partner with his over 35 years of experience in the field, has been appointed as Managing Director.

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Lamnea Bruk fully automatic precision layer winder machine


automatic precision layer winding line for wireLamnea Bruk, the Swedish company supplying drawing machines for the entire wire industry, has recently launched this new 5 kg fully automatic precision layer winder machine.

The new machines has the capacity to make 1 spool/minute, in a speed of 25 m/s.


The machine line contains of a horizontal payoff, a dancer arm system and the automatic precision layer winder.


The machine works as once the payoff has been loaded and the wire lazed up the machine line will precision coil the wire onto spools automatically until the payoff spool is empty with no operator attending the machine.

All steps such as hooking the start end, winding the first layer, hooking the finish end, offload the full spool and loading a new empty spool from the spool magazine is done fully automatically.

To ensure that the first winding layer is laid correctly onto the spool the machine is equipped with an automatic stick. The machine will also calculate...

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The voice of businessmen: Lamnea Bruk


We interviewed Mr Jonas Hagstedt and Ms Mathilda Hagstedt, Managing Director and Marketing Manager of Lamnea Bruk, Swedish supplier of machines for the wire industry, asking them to take stock of the year's progress and to make some predictions on the near future.

lamnea bruk jonas and mathilda hagstedt

- How was the year 2012 so far for Lamnea Bruk?
The year 2012 has been a great year and an important year as we have reached new market shares.


- What do you expect from the near future and on what projects will you be working?
We have launched  this summer our new forming mill for flux core wire line which is a project we have with Formtek. We have also launched our new design of our drawing machine, a straight line which has no impact on the wire for a better wire quality. These two projects have so far hit the market very well, with the brilliant compact design and easy safety regulations. We will continue next year to work on these two projects. 
We have also put up in the company a new service department, where we have gathered all service for the machines together, such as normal service, start up for machines, spare parts and reparations. This will help us to find and solve problems much faster.

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