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Agibi to present new container changer for small metal parts and springs

Published: - 09/10/2017 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Agibi to present new container changer for small metal parts and springs

Agibi Progetti, leader in the design, construction and automation of systems for the production of special metal materials, presents ROTOBOX, the new container changer with rotary table for small metal parts and springs.

ROTOBOX can be interfaced with the upstream machine (coiler, furnace, etc.), so that the boxes can be changed automatically. The container change can be programmed in a variety of ways: with a timer, a part counter or an external control from the downstream machine.

The machine is built with a strong structure made of powder coated steel sheets.


Rotary table: consists in a galvanized steel disc, with adjustable support and reference guides.

The machine can be programmed with 6 or 8 stations, using every type of container (cardboard, plastic or metal boxes).

PLC: to program the rotations to change the container and setting the alarm when the last empty box is in position for loading.

Optionals are also available:

Hopper feed with pneumatic control (TR.TP): to stop parts during the container exchange. It is not necessary if parts are counted at the beginning.

Load cell (CDC): it can be installed under a station and equipped with a pneumatic elevator. The cell weighs the parts and zeroes the weight of the container. When reaching the pre-set weight, the cell places the container on the rotary table which turns over a step.

For more information watch the video of the machine at work and contact the company.