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Butti: absorbing kit for machining residues

Published: - 08/03/2016 Author: Butti Srl
Butti: absorbing kit for machining residues

Emergency response kit with wheels for liquids and highly corrosive chemical products.

Two new products, just launched by Butti to keep your enterprise clean and free of toxic wastes.

Two types of specific polyethylene kits, to absorb production residues:

- for highly corrosive chemical products.

- for universal liquids like water, hydrocarbon, chemical organic and inorganic liquids, antifreezing solvents and acids.

These are both available in different sizes: a smaller, 120Lt one, a 240Lt medium one, and a big, 360Lt one.

All these kits are designed for your safety, and to satisfy the requirements of depollution. The new national and European Community standards regarding safety and prevention on work require the placement of emergency response kits, to contain and absorb possible leaks of dangerous liquids.