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Wire surface treatment solutions at wire Southeast Asia 2017

Published: - 11/09/2017 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Wire surface treatment solutions at wire Southeast Asia 2017

The Sweden-based company CANDOR, founded in 1946, specializes in wire cleaning & plating plants and is well-known for being a supplier of chemicals for various applications.
The combination of know-how in chemical processes and advanced equipment for cleaning and plating of wire makes Candor unique on the market.

Candor Sweden AB has a strong position as provider of equipment for wire cleaning & plating of welding wire, spring wire, galvanized wire, electronic wires and cables, medical wires etc. The company is currently experiencing an increasing demand of their solutions, with several big projects in Mexico, USA, Germany, Holland, Spain, Poland, India, Korea and Russia.

At wire Southeast Asia 2017 (Bangkok, September 19-21) CANDOR will present the latest developments regarding following equipment:

> CANDOJET HW: highly efficient hot water spray cleaning for high speed applications. The unit will remove sodium and calcium mixed soaps effectively as pre-cleaning prior to other processes or as a separate cleaning operation.

> COPPERJET: a high speed copper coating plant, chemical or electrolytic, for high quality welding wires. The plant will copper coat the wire at high speeds up to 25-30 m/s with best possible cleaning and coating quality. A modular design makes it possible to satisfy a wide range of quality demands and applications for CO2, MIG, FCW & SAW welding wires but also stainless steel welding wires with ultrasonic or electrolytic cleaning. The COPPERJET is available with optional CANDOJET HW hot water spray pre-cleaning, high current density spray pickling, COPPERJET copper coating, with looping of the wire or straight wire pass line with COPPERJET technology.

> WELDING WIRE CLEANING: high speed ultrasonic wire cleaning for stainless steel welding wires.

: CANDOR will present its technology and latest innovations for electro-plating lines both Ni, Ag, Sn and Zn on copper wire as well as Ni, Cu and Zn on stainless steel and carbon steel wires.

: high speed ultrasonic wire cleaning lines for cleaning wires in-line with hot dip galvanizing or heat treatment process.

: at wire Southeast Asia Candor will present its portfolio of chemicals offered to the wire industry for cleaning and pickling of wires as well as copper coating chemicals for welding wires etc.

You're warmly invited to visit CANDOR Sweden AB at stand no. F17.

During the exhibition following professionals will be available to answer all your questions:

Thomas Carlson – CEO
John Lindh – Sales & Marketing Director Wire equipment
Jörgen Pettersson – Sales & Marketing Director Chemicals