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CEA redesigns the concept of pipe welding

Published: - 14/10/2019 Author: Simonati, Programming office
CEA redesigns the concept of pipe welding

Arc and resistance welding machines and plasma cutting solutions are the core business of CEA Spa, founded in Italy in 1950.
Behind the rise of CEA in the welding industry there are large investments in R&D, continuous innovation, reliability, design, compliance with international standards and, of course, excellent welders.

To improve the performance of its arc welding machines, the company has developed vision.ARC2, a special software that grants faster welding speed, better arc stability, and
impulse optimization.

The program supports all CEA’s special welding processes, i.e. vision.COLD, vision.PIPE, vision.ULTRASPEED, and vision.POWER, and it enables all-new special pulsed operations, namely vision.PULSE-UP, vision.PULSE-RUN, and vision.PULSE-POWER.

Speaking of vision.PIPE, this video shot by CEA sheds some light on the features of arc welding applied to pipes through the company’s vision.ARC2 software.

This particular welding mode grants high quality performance and an optimized arc, with a regard for precision and safety.
Recommended for pipes and larger size open gap joints, vision.PIPE is presented as an efficient and time-saving replacement for MMA and TIG welding processes.

The program developed by the Italian company has many advantages, such as significant heat reduction between joints, less qualified operators needed, and perfect edge joints in vertical down, just to name a few.

For further details we recommend watching CEA’s informative video. You can also have a look at our vision.ARC2 detailed news.

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