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Bartell sponsors an internal employee engagement program

Published: - 05/06/2017 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Bartell sponsors an internal employee engagement program

In its effort to continually evolve and improve its business Bartell has sponsored an internal employee engagement program which it calls “BrightIdeas”. This program has the objective of challenging and engaging the entire workforce in a practice of looking beyond the scope of their current position and reaching for innovative solutions or improvements to operations, products, and overall business. Whether it is a cost saving solution, improvement in production efficiency, or product related effort Bartell is open to all the ideas its employees may have. Each quarter a committee, comprised of sales, engineering, operations, and leadership, review each of the submitted ideas and select the most impactful or creative for recognition.

For the 1st quarter, Bartell had the opportunity to award five employees for their “BrightIdeas”. These employees were:

- Geno Ostapuk (Electrical Engineering)
- George Wagner (Electrical Engineering)
- Jessica Wagner (Procurement)
- Robin Yager (Human Resources)
- Dave Matteson (Technical Support Services)

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Since its founding Bartell has been a fixture in the wire and cable industry. Its focus has been to deliver robust rotating solutions based on an expertise of shaping, winding and twisting wire and cable. This focus, along with the acquisition of Ceeco in 2003, has allowed the company to develop industry leading solutions to produce the highest quality products in the most economical, efficient and safe manner possible. From design to installation and service the company goal is a flawless execution and fostering success through its solutions isn’t a just a job it is a passion.