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Focus on Ceeco Bartell rebuild & upgrade service

Published: - 21/05/2018 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
Focus on Ceeco Bartell rebuild & upgrade service

In today’s manufacturing environment finding ways to maximize the utilization of existing equipment can be a key strategy on the path to success. Making what is old new again can provide a high level of return on the investment and having that work done by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) helps to realize that value.

U.S. based Manager of Service & Support, Mike Posson, says that “Bartell offers machine rebuild services to restore your equipment to original OEM standards. We support not only Bartell equipment but legacy CEECO equipment as well with various upgrades incorporating design improvements that help to improve productivity, serviceability, and the life expectancy of the machines. Additionally, balancing and alignment services are also available.”

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