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The new ArmourLock™ SA-4 strip armouring system unveiled

Published: - 23/04/2018 Author: Simonati, Programming office
The new ArmourLock™ SA-4 strip armouring system unveiled

Bartell Machinery Systems is proud to announce the world premiere of the new ArmourLock™ SA-4 strip armouring system. The system was officially introduced at WIRE Dusseldorf on April 17, 2018.

Speed, quality, productivity, ease of set-up and reduced maintenance are the foundations of the ArmourLocks design. With the ability to accommodate a wider product range within one system manufacturers now have ultimate production flexibility and capability to meet any demand.

- Increased production range, 0.5” to 4.0” (O.D.), for more flexibility in one production system.

- Industry-leading performance @ 1300 RPM (product dependent).

- 50% increase in material capacity – 1,500 lbs.

- Refined drive system with integrated servo motors for precise strip tension with no slip rings.

- Designed to adapt to a right or left-handed orientation with a simple components swap allowing for increased flexibility in plant layouts.

- Advanced ergonomic design with easy tooling head access and StrongArm® supported touchscreen HMI allows the operator to control the machine from any working position.

- Hardened LED lights for improved viewing.

- Sliding door configuration and improved door seals for improved lubrication retention solving a common industry problem.

- Redesigned tooling head and strip path for simplified string up and optimized product quality.

- Offline tool setup available reduces changeover time.

The Director of Wire and Cable Sales, Tim Murphy says that “This system represents a significant accomplishment for our employees and Bartell. It is a testament to our commitment to the wire and cable industry and represents over 12 months of design, evaluation and construction efforts incorporating many aspects of direct industry feedback. We understand that our customers are under continuous pressure to deliver and this system meets not only their demands of today but also tomorrow.”

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