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Cemanco - quality ceramic wear parts at economy prices

Published: - 12/12/2016 Author: Staff
Cemanco - quality ceramic wear parts at economy prices

Cemanco LC., headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida USA, develops, manufactures and supplies customers all over the world with solutions and products for the Wire, Cable, Textile & Automotive industries.

The particular strength and expertise of Cemanco lies in the rapid development of customized solutions and products in either small or large production runs. We see ourselves not only as a supplier of quality, value priced standard products, but also as a strong partner for our customer’s innovative and customized solutions.

Cemanco’s ceramic wear parts have been tested and proven in the industry to meet or exceed the standard wear life time of OEM parts, but are available at a fraction of the cost. The company manufactures in 99% purity aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, and titanium oxide with diamond or normal polish.
Many common parts and sizes are always available in stock, and there’s the possibility to ship your order the same day. Custom manufacturing of almost any part, and stocking of your custom parts to eliminate lead times (minimum order quantity may apply) is part of the company services.

Cemanco's staff is available via phone call or email for more details.

Products and services
Ceramic bow guides and eyelets for Kinrei, Niehoff, Samp, Setic, and Lesmo machines
Ceramic wear parts for the wire and cable industry
Ceramic rods in aluminum oxide
Aluminum and steel pulleys
Ceramic guide pulleys for high speed applications
Ceramic insert rollers
ARM hydraulic bolt cutter for tempered steel bars and chains
ARM swager for rigging wire ropes
Electric rebar cutter with hydraulic function
Cordless hydraulic cutting tools for copper, aldrey, aluminium, aluminium-steel cables, steel ropes, aluminium and steel rods
Cordless hydraulic cutting tools for copper, aluminum, aluminum-steel cables (ACSR) steel ropes and rods
Industrial strength hydraulic cutting tools for copper, aluminum and telecommunications cables
Manual hydraulic cutting tools for copper, aldrey, aluminum, aluminum-steel cables, steel ropes and steel ground rod
Hydraulic cutting heads for copper, aldrey, aluminum and aluminum-steel cables
Pneumatic cutting heads for copper, aluminum and telecommunications cables
Pneumatic cable cutter heads for copper and aluminum cables
Bi-directional gear boxes
Spooling traverse options
Payoff with magnetic brake and adjustable tension control
Rewinder modular system with mechanical gearbox
Flange detecting system with mechanical sensor
Dual laser guided self-adjusting traverse system
Programmable autowinder for high quality coils and coils of different shapes
Solid tungsten carbide ring guides and buncher guides
Tungsten carbide coatings on steel and aluminum parts
Adjustable 3-roller guides
Adjustable 4-roller guides
Fixed inlet guides for cables
Iris guides for wire and cable
Wire straighteners from 0.5mm to 40mm