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Why is KMK linear traverse slipping? Here how to fix it

Published: - 06/02/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Why is KMK linear traverse slipping? Here how to fix it

The spooling assemblies are used to wrap wire and cable around the spool for final distribution. A very important component of this assembly is the linear traverse: a linear drive whose purpose is to guide the material being spooled back and forth across the take-up spool core. In this video Mr. Holdsworth, Cemanco’s customer fulfillment representative, goes over the three main reasons why your KMK linear traverse might slip and explains how to prevent and fix it.

1. The shaft is dirty
Shafts get dirty, unfortunately it is unavoidable; it happens when machines work in a dirty environment. However, when the gunk builds up to the point when it makes the KMK slip, it’s time to clean it down: we recommend using a light hydrolic oil to wipe down the shaft once a week or at least every two weeks. It’s also worth noting that excess gunk building up can decrease the wear life of roll rings.

2. Roll rings are worn out
On average, you can expect your roll rings to last around 1 and half to 2 years. Once they wear out, there is not much you can do. Just give Cemanco a call and send your box back to be refurbished, you will get them back all nice and shiny.

3. Exceeded side thrust capacity of the KMK unit
The third and last reason why your linear traverse might slip could be that you have exceeded the side thrust capacity of the KMK unit you have – you can find a table listing the thrust capacity for each specific model in our trifold or on our website >>

For other recommendations on how to make your KMK linear traverse run as smoothly as possible, please have a look at the following video.

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