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A solution for wire and wire rod shot blasting: the video

Published: - 17/09/2018 Author: Katia Martinini
A solution for wire and wire rod shot blasting: the video

Shot blasting is a mechanical surface treatment used to clean and prepare the metal for subsequent bonderization, drawing, painting or galvanizing processes. It is carried out by propelling metallic granulated abrasive onto the product to be treated: the effect caused by blast media impact and rubbing causes the modification of the pre-existing surface layer, cleaning, brightening and making the treated surface uniform.

Cogeim, specializing for over forty years in the production of shot blasting machines, has recently built a plant for the decalamination of large wire and wire rod coils for an important company headquartered in the Northeast Italy.

The installation has 8 direct-drive turbines (6 of 45 kW + 2 of 55 kW) and two hanger arms designed to support a load of 3000 kg for a length of 5600 mm.

This modern system allows an extremely high productivity while maintaining high process quality. Furthermore, no building works are required for factory placement.