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Dallan: patented vision system for coil fed laser applications

Published: - 10/07/2017 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Dallan: patented vision system for coil fed laser applications

The precision of the produced parts is of utmost importance in many laser cutting applications.

Dallan exclusive vision system uses a high-resolution camera that identifies both the strip/panel edges and the pre-cut holes. The way it works is extremely simple for the operator, since all the operation is 100% transparent, and the algorithm developed by Dallan software engineers takes care of the measuring and calibrating.

The picture and the position of the hole – or of the strip edge – is compared with the theoretical position given by the DXF drawing, and the differences are recorded. With 2 and up to 4 measurements the software identifies the X, Y differences; even if the panel were positioned at an angle, the Dalcos software will identify the problem and set the laser operations to the real position of the part. In June 2017, Dallan Spa has received the official confirmation on the patent for the LaserVision system applied to the coil processing lines.

Follow this link for more information and videos on fiber laser cutting machines for coils and sheets by Dallan.

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