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Logistic solution for coils coating-line

Published: - 05/09/2018 Author: Simonati, Programming office
Logistic solution for coils coating-line

For over twenty years DimaSimma has been supplying innovative systems for extruders of profiles, dies, sheets and aluminium accessories. Additionally, the company also has developed systems for the melting and transport of "slab" and "scrap" in the primary aluminium sector and have recently designed a solution of intralogistic handling system in coating plants of sheet metal coils.

In fact DimaSimma has just launched a logistics system for Arconic, integrated with coil-coating line up to 2 mt wide. The system is studied to handle and store paint drums, from 300 kilograms of weight, diameter 800 mm and height 600 mm.

DimaSimma's solution increase the storage capacity and can operate with the newest coating line for a higher color flexibility (delivery "Just In Time" to the line); in addition this system guarantees better working condition, more safety in the handling and storage of highly flammable products.

DimaSimma developed an automatic storage solution of 4 mt high with 2 AGV vehicles.
The two vehicles are equipped with pliers to grab the drums, in the loading and unloading missions to feed the painting line and to return the drums to the warehouse when they are not empty. The software system is interconnected with the ERP production.

The "call" for the retreat and returning of the material to the warehouse are automatically generated and AGV vehicles guarantee complete traceability of the products through the reading of QR codes.

Considering the high flammability of the material, and in accordance with the safety standards, AGV vehicles carry out automatic controls of the presence of gases and in case of an excess detection, an alarm signal is sent directly to the factory fire system, causing the arrest of all machines.

Advantages obtained thanks to the new system:
- The automatic system works 24/7;
- Improved production thanks to the optimization of the raw material flow to the painting line;
- Increased safety in the handling and storage of inflammable products;
- Safer working conditions, as the risks of falling are eliminated;
- Tripled storage capacity of the drums with the same surface;
- Complete traceability of the product;
- Real time inventory of the existence and quantity in liters of each drum.

Whether it's profiles, dies, coils or any other product, DimaSimma confirms once again that integrated logistics is the only way to improve efficiency, management and working conditions at the same time.