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KOCH to become established machine supplier to welding wire industry

Published: - 23/08/2017 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
KOCH to become established machine supplier to welding wire industry

It's a new market segment for KOCH: flux-core wire-drawing machines for the welding wire industry. But the German company is fast becoming an established machine supplier to the welding wire industry with continuous growth in orders. KOCH is currently in the process of supplying a multiple-machine package to a new customer in the USA. The new machines will be used to manufacture stainless steel weld wire, to be used in the automotive, agriculture, and nuclear industries with optimized application characteristics.

“This customer had purchased a second-hand drawing machine of ours and is very pleased with it. The ease of operation and product quality led them to search out KOCH for new equipment” explained KOCH Managing Director Thomas Voss. Persuaded that “Made in Germany” is a sure mark of quality the US company placed an order for five new machines with KOCH. It is a special order because each of the five drawing machines is equipped with rotating die holders suitable for wet or dry draw. The customer also requested a number of special ergonomic features to be incorporated in the machine designs, such as convenient footswitches for the operators, water cooling monitoring, internal lighting, and direct communication via the internet for troubleshooting.

One machine in the package, a drawing machine with 6 drafts for flux-core wire, is a special one because it means a brand-new addition to the KOCH portfolio. The team of engineers that developed the new flux-core machine had scheduled a test run in the presence of the customer in July 2017. After a six-month engineering period, the new flux-core machine delivered impressive proof of KOCH’s development competence. The flux-core wire to be drawn on the new machine sets new benchmarks of surface quality and dimensional accuracy for maximum precision in welding applications.

“We were able to incorporate all the customer’s requests in the complete machine package and they are very happy with the result. The flux-core wire machine also enlarges our product portfolio and allows us to move into a new global market segment,” said Thomas Voss, summarizing the successful large-scale project.

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In the picture: The drawing machine with 6 drafts for flux-core wire means a brand-new addition to the KOCH portfolio.

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