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3 die progressive header on offer

Published: - 13/11/2018 Author: Simonati, Programming office
3 die progressive header on offer

Essebi, specializing in the production of cold heading machines, is happy to offer the SB305 three dies progressive header, ready for delivery at a special price.

The new machine has the following characteristics:
- Three modes:
           1) manual
           2) impulse
           3) automatic.
- Pneumatic clutch-brake.
- Transfer of the parts between the forming stations through separate grippers, individually adjustable for opening and closing and cam-controlled.
- Die ejectors individually adjustable for each station.
- Punches individually adjustable in horizontal, vertical and longitudinal direction.
- Punch ejectors individually adjustable.
- Closed knife with electronic control of the blank length.
- Wire feeder by a five rolls straightener and a double clutch.
- Lubrication of all the moving parts under pressure, with recovery of the lubrication oil.
- Cooling system of the tools independent from the lubrication.
- Sound proof cabin with noise reduction under 85 DB, provided with fan for the fume suction and conveyor belt for the finished parts.
- Motor with continuous speed variator.
- Electric control board separated by the former itself, operated by a push-button panel on the machine provided with a warning board and a zero setting counter.
- Wire decoiler not included.

Technical specifications:
- wire diameter (500 N/mm2): 2,5-5 mm
- cut-off length: 55 mm
- die ejection length for solid parts: 40 mm
- die ejection length for fully tubular parts: 5-20 mm
- P.K.O.: 10 mm
- forging power: T. 27
- main motor power: 13Kw
- maximum speed (pieces/minute): 280
- cutting bush: 20 mm
- die hole diameter: 45 mm
- punch diameter: 1st 25 mm / 2nd, 3rd 35 mm
- machine size (including cabin): cm. 300X170x170 h
- net weight: 3800 Kg

Furthermore, on request, the header can be prepared for Industry 4.0.

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