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Combine high-performance and compact size with SB506 progressive header

Published: - 08/04/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Combine high-performance and compact size with SB506 progressive header

Established in 1973, Essebi specializes in the manufacture of a complete range of headers for the cold forming of standard and small and middle-sized fasteners.

What sets Essebi apart from its competitors is its great flexibility.
The headers produced by the company are not standard, but instead built upon the customer’s demands, according to the pieces to be forged. In addition, all Essebi cold forming machines have an excellent price / performance ratio (considered the best in Europe) and ensure high-performance at a competitive price. They can also process any kind of metal wire (titanium alloy, steel, stainless steel, copper and brass) with diameters ranging from 3 to 17 mm.
Furthermore, all Essebi machines are 4.0 and equipped with a control device that allows to perform all production steps, station by station, up to the finished product.

In particular, the SB506 is a 5-die progressive header which can operate in several different modes, such as manually, with normal or slow speed impulsion/jog, reverse or automatically. It is a bestseller, in high demand especially on the European market. The secret of its success? The super compact size, that allows to optimize spaces, without affecting the production capacity.

An infrared radiation system protects the operator during ”jog” operations, disconnecting the clutch as the pieces pass through, and reconnecting it once all obstacles are removed. Furthermore, the clutch-brake is connected and disconnected immediately by the operating mode you are using. The transfer of the parts between the forming stations is performed through separate grippers, individually adjustable and cam-controlled.

Download the technical data sheet of the 5-die progressive header >>