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Cables, ropes, conductors and much more: Flymca's solutions at wire 2016

Published: - 28/03/2016 Author: Staff
Cables, ropes, conductors and much more: Flymca's solutions at wire 2016

Once again, FLYMCA will be present at the most well known, important and attractive exhibition with many interesting news about their equipment last developments and up-dates. The stand will be showing some interesting pictures regarding projects made during the last two years so that all visitors will have the opportunity to know about them.
For instance:

For the power cable market: some new rigid strander developments improving the features of the previous models. Either for bobbins Dia. 630 or 800 mm DIN or even for both bobbins on the same machine, allowing factories to use advantages of both; automatic bobbins loading process either by side carriages at 90º or at 45º; higher rotating speeds to get production improvements; smooth, precise and constant wire tension control to achieve high quality conductor standards etc.

For steel wire ropes: larger capacity of machinery for bigger ropes. Tubular and planetary closers able to manufacture bigger ropes in lower production time thus increasing the machine productivity. The use of special new material let us achieve better results allowing improvements mainly in reliability, low maintenance and therefore longer life time expectancy.

Control and special cables made on planetary stranders using advanced solutions for really smooth and fine tension values on elements, including double control systems either in the cradles and in the formation with wifi communications to achieve final special cable features.

For greenhouse: special customized machinery to improve the production of steel strands composed of 2 and 3 wires, reaching as well higher outputs.

For CTC (Continuous transposed conductors) a long experience on this traditional market let us offer state of the art combined solutions to achieve high quality cables with larger production.

The sister company FLYRO will be proposing its large inventory of available second hand machinery. As known by its customers, FLYRO proposes used machinery mainly still installed and in working condition but also offers services of dismantling, refurbishing as well as production of new electrical cabinets.

Both FLYMCA and FLYRO will be glad to meet you on booth nº 10F78 and wish all the visitors a pleasant and interesting exhibition time.