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Interview with cabling equipment specialist Flymca

Published: - 05/12/2017 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Interview with cabling equipment specialist Flymca

Recently we had the chance to interview Mr Carlos Carrillo, director of the Spanish company Flymca. Last years have seen numerous changes in the cable manufacturing and stranding technology market, so it's very interesting to hear the point of view of this experienced manufacturer. 

- Flymca specializes in the construction of rotating machinery for cables, ropes and conductors. Your company name is very often associated with Flyro, supplying used machinery and equipment. Can you explain the relationship between the two companies, and when did this cooperation begin?
Flymca and Flyro are two different companies, even if their partners are the same and both operate in the same market. We are sometimes associated probably because of the first company letters which are identical or because we have a common commercial customer's approach or because some competitors try to spread a false information/rumor to get themselves some advantage! The reality is that it started from our wish to supply a wide range of equipment to our customers but, when speaking to them, things are very clear since the beginning: their request is immediately identified as new Flymca machines or as Flyro second hand equipment.
Flymca is exclusively focused on to the production of new rotating machines for stranding and cabling purposes, traditional ones as most of our competitors also produce or, alternatively, huge and highly customized equipment. Our manufacturing is made locally: the welding is 100% realised in our own facilities, the machining of parts is done at approx. 60% internally and the rest is done with outsourcing within a radius of approx. 30 kms from our factory. In such a way, we maintain a perfect traceability of all the parts for each machine produced. Once we have all the pieces ready, we proceed to the assembly in our own facilities. We do both the mechanical parts as well as the electrical ones - I believe none of our European competitors can say the same since most of them are subcontracting in Asia. Flyro covers all the range of machines present in a cable/rope factory. Flyro sells used machinery, has its own staff and in fact its own warehouse with offices located at about 400 m from Flymca one. Both companies also collaborate together as sometimes our customers want to withdraw some used machines and buy new ones, thus synergy exists. 

- Steel ropes or electrical cables: from your privileged position, which one is the most receptive market at the moment for a company manufacturing machinery? Which kind of machines are your best-sellers?
Let's say that both are markets that at the moment have interesting prospects although each of them for different reasons. Within our usual range of machinery we can say that we have the traditional machines for standard manufacturing (which does not mean they are old designs, since one of our premises is always to incorporate all the improvements previously consolidated/approved by the market) and, on the other hand, special machines, designs with customized solutions, usually for the production of very special cables and/or with large dimensions: special stranders/cablers as planetary or mainly assembling lines.

- How much is your export share? What geographic areas are you currently focusing on, and which one do you think are the most promising for the future?
Nowadays export is 100%, although in the last 2 years some machines were supplied in Spain to two cable factories that selected our equipment. Currently the European market means for us about 50% while the American one, on which we've been focusing for several years, is about 30%. The rest is divided between North Africa, Southeast Asia and some projects also in South America.

- In recent years a Spanish competitor, Caballé, has been absorbed by Mario Frigerio. Niehoff created a subsidiary in Spain specializing in stranding technology. Did this produce any effect on your business activities?
The crisis affected everyone and the market landscape in machines for production of cables has changed drastically. Some of our very well known competitors are no longer active or have been integrated into other companies or only continue existing as a trademark. This has opened gaps as the market didn't have the demand for so many suppliers and therefore the adjustment was inevitable. Niehoff recently opened a subsidiary in Barcelona. In wire drawing Niehoff has a very important market share and a great prestige. The future will show what kind of machines they will manufacture, if the whole range or if they are going to focus on some of them.
Since the beginning of this century the market is moving very fast and significant changes occur every few years. We have good options to continue moving with increasingly relevant machines as well as with larger projects given the type of company we are, but always maintaining the initial spirit of work, effort and having always as goal commitment and fullfilment of the customers’ requests.

- Do innovations connected to Industry 4.0 affect your production, or will they have an impact in the near future?
Yes, there is no doubt that Industry 4.0 has come to stay and, step by step, it is progressing in that direction. Electronics has become a crucial element in machines and factories increasingly want to have the ability to analyze and save all data affecting their product and also monitor the status of the machine to anticipate any event that may happen and therefore improve in effectiveness. In Flymca we have an exclusive team dedicated to analyze and integrate these functions in our lines. However, each customer has its own requirement and therefore, in many cases, these are very customized developments. The next few years will bring more and more details that will improve manufacturing, making it simpler, more predictable and with a greater product control.