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“The making of” GEL: steel wire products

Published: - 03/04/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
“The making of” GEL: steel wire products

Established in 1968 by the brothers Giussani Enrico and Luigi, Gel Snc is a company specializing in the transformation of steel wire in a wide range of products for several applications: tie rods, pins, U-bolts, hooks and much more. In this short article we will take a journey directly to the heart of the company, and discover all the phases of the production process, from the selection of raw materials to the delivery of the finished product.

While also offering standard products, most of the work is actually carried out on specific customer’s design, who provides direct guidelines for the realization.

Once the design phase is completed, it’s time to select the raw materials. GEL’s warehouse provides a diverse choice of materials, which include several types of special steels compliant with American ASTM standards, general-purpose drawn steels St 37, special hardened and tempered steels, case hardening steels, cold forging steels, ferritic stainless steels, martensitic steels, austenitic steels, etc.

Once the materials have been chosen, the production can finally start. A modern machine shop allows to perform a great variety of machinings - straightening, cutting, bending, threading and rolling - while most of the necessary equipment is built internally in the mold department. Thanks to the cooperation with reliable partners, the company can also provide different types of heat and surface treatments.

A specialized technical staff supervises all the production phases, and each product is subjected to strict quality controls; the planning and the organization of the production are instead entrusted to an innovative management software.

The logistic department, which operates both in Italy and abroad, takes care of the goods delivery. All products are carefully packed and stored to prevent any damage, and labeled to ensure easy and quick identification.

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