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Gimax is bringing the latest dry drawing technology to Atlanta

Published: - 06/05/2019 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
Gimax is bringing the latest dry drawing technology to Atlanta

From May 14 to 16, Gimax will exhibit at Interwire 2019, the international wire & cable fair held biennaly in Atlanta, USA. 

Under the spotlights there will be the “TRD” range of non-slip dry drawing benches. These state-of-the art machines are equipped with independently driven vertically or horizontally mounted capstans depending on the application - vertically mounted capstans (TRD-H) can reach a diameter of 600mm, whereas it is possible to have 800 or 900mm and even up to 1200mm capstans on the horizontal version (TRD).

The “TRD” range can be used with dry (powder) and wet (paste) lubricants depending on the application - the wet lubricants are generally used for aluminium wire applications. The range itself is ideal for both ferrous and non-ferrous wires and its design offers easy access for maintenance, to parts and components and particularly for wire threading on the “TRD-H”. High productivity and a better final wire quality coupled with features such as perfect alignment of wire between die and capstan as well as low energy consumption due to a “state of the art” electronic control of motor and line operation ensure one of the most advanced drawing solutions available on the market.

The main features are: 

• Reduced die and capstan wear (both die box and capstan are water cooled).
• Mechanical line speed reaches 35 metres/second.
• Fixed or rotating and/or pressure dies.
• Rotating die speed varies in proportion to line speed.
• Each block can be bypassed.
• Each capstan can be tilted if necessary.
• Synchronization by means of dancer arm.

With over 40 years of experience in welding wire machinery and with the specific experience of Gimax engineers in the production of wire, consequently with an excellent knowledge of the entire process of wire manufacturing, this design guarantees optimum production. Furthermore, the non-slip technology (with independently driven capstans) ensures a wire quality that meets the standards of today’s industry. The draw bench can be equipped with a skin pass module, pickling and coppering tanks, laser diameter control and die wear control, and the integrated modem/router allows excellent preventive maintenance and off-site machine control and service. 

The company will await you at booth #241.