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Let Hyperion recycle your products containing tungsten carbide

Published: - 28/02/2017 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Let Hyperion recycle your products containing tungsten carbide

Hyperion purchases used tools and products from customers containing tungsten carbide, and then convert them back into new raw materials for future production.

Carbide recycling is a great example of Sandvik's commitment to sustainability. Manufacturing new tungsten carbide products from recycled material requires up to 70% less energy, and emits up to 40% less carbon dioxide compared to using tungsten extracted from ore. Mined earth only contains 0.3% to 0.5% tungsten before processing. As an example, 15 tons of mined earth is needed to yield the same amount of tungsten as when recycling just 70 kg of carbide.

Because tungsten is a scarce and finite raw material, recycling becomes even more of a necessity. Estimated reserves of tungsten, for example, are around seven million tons, or 100 years of consumption. Why mine unnecessarily?

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