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Protect your coating with RS1T cemented carbide

Published: - 12/10/2015 Author: Staff
Protect your coating with RS1T cemented carbide

Sandvik cemented carbide grade RS1T was launched in April 2014 and has been enhancing the profitability of wire drawing operations worldwide ever since. “The increased profitability with the RS1T product is very tangible,” says Louise Koh, Segment Manager for the Sandvik Hyperion wire drawing segment. “The minimal soft material adhesion of this product has proven to increase quality output of the drawing process for coated and stainless steel wire by up to three times. Likewise, its excellent wear resistance also triples the life of the die.”

“Excellent wear resistance is a combination of two things:  materials and design. All of our materials are developed, tested and produced internally – from raw material to finished product. As for design, our wire draw nibs are known for their impeccable geometry, tight dimensional tolerance, perfect coaxiality and meeting point – even for the smallest diameters” explains Koh. 
RS1T is the next generation of cemented carbide for coated, galvanized or stainless steel wire. The coating layer of steel core wire can be retained until the finest wire diameter reduction. More lubricant on the wire surface improves die life by threefold while eliminating scratches on the wire and increasing drawing speed.

Download the brochure about cemented carbide grade for coated wire, or contact Sandvik today to learn more.
Visit the new website for more information about cemented carbide grade RS1T.


In the picture Louise Koh, Segment Manager for Sandvik Hyperion Wire Business.