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Wire drawing machines made in Sweden

Published: - 27/11/2019 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
Wire drawing machines made in Sweden

They have a history of almost 300 years in the steel and wire industry, 70 employees, a presence in almost 100 countries and 123 different machine types. Lämneå Bruk is a specialist in manufacturing a broad range of technological advanced machines for different wire types. Every part of each machine is done on-site in Sweden.

Three different wire drawing machines are available: Straight line, Loop line and Control line.
All machines are equipped with following features:

> Double cooling system to prevent the in and outside block overheating.
> Flexible set-up for increased user-friendliness. It is possible to start, by-pass and finish on any block depending on specific customer requirements.
> Automatic wire height filling. The wire height can be easily adjusted in the operator interface for constant wire filling.

The machines can handle different wire types of low and high carbon, welding and stainless steel wires.

In the Loop and Straight Line there's an additional optional competitive feature. The same die-box set-up allows to change between the two systems without any mechanical adjustment. The switch can be done conveniently by simply adjusting the PLC control screen. This option allows for highest flexibility and adjustability while producing high quality outputs.

Drawing Machine Straight Line (DMSL):

Drawing Machine Loop Line (DMLL):

Drawing Machine Control Line (DMCL):

You are more than welcome to visit Lämneå Bruk's facilities in Bergslagen, 200 km south-west of Stockholm, Sweden.

For more information, contact or call +46 122 232 00.

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