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Ermoli: Spring grinding wheels

Published: - 16/05/2011 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
Ermoli: Spring grinding wheels

For many years Ermoli has specialised in the manufacture of spring grinding wheels, produced mainly with countersunk nuts for screwing onto the installation plates.
Upon customers request Ermoli can also produce grinding wheels for gluing onto flanges, although their use is increasingly rare.

In order to enhance cooling, the company also makes grinding wheels with pits or with a special porous structure that can be combined with the pits themselves, making it possible to work stainless steel springs with excellent results.

These wheels are also extremely suitable for grinding steel springs, since they reduce the surface contact area and as are result friction and shear stress. Thanks to the new abrasives used (CUBITRON® and ABRAL®) and to optimised mixes and bonds, Ermoli's grinding wheels achieve extremely high performance, allowing large quantities of material to be removed and low wear levels.

Accurate manufacturing processes, ambient air conditioning in the mixing and shaping department, precision in balancing, speed and hardness tests all combine to produce safe, reliable grinding wheels of consistent quality. Ermoli produces grinding wheels for all brands of grinding machines, such as come Kamatech, OMD, Wafios and Arigossi, in all sizes up to a diameter of 915 mm.

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