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"Join the best in their class": OMCG in Düsseldorf

Published: - 13/04/2018 Author: Katia Martinini

OMCG's motto, “Giving form to your ideas”, captures the philosophy of the world-renowned manufacturer of off-coil bending and forming machines for wire, tube and strip. Supplying the forming industry with innovative solutions since 1963 and incorporated in the U.S. during the 1980s, OMCG serves the forming industry in more than 40 countries.
The company has a wide range of benders, which can process wire up to 18 mm, including CNC single-head and double head feed and form machines, multi-slide forming machines and specialized work cells for specific products, such as muffler hangers, wiper arms, railway clips.
OMCG technology covers a wide spread of applications, such as seat frames, seat lumbar springs, strikers, headrests, torsion bars, shopping trolleys, chair frames, buckles, pail handles, roof hooks, hose clamps, peg boards, hanger hooks, bike saddles, swing stoppers, agricultural springs, home accessories and many more.

At wire Duesseldorf 2018, OMCG are exhibiting the best-selling models.

Minimalist 6 with proprietary front feeder.
When it comes to 3D bending, Minimalist 6 is always the best performer in terms of production rate, reliability and accuracy due to its front feeding system, lightweight-yet-robust bending head and longest-in-the-market bending arm. All of those features bring in additional advantages in manufacturing.

C31E with eccentric bending head.
This model is available in 3 sizes: 10 mm, 14 mm and 18 mm and it features the innovative eccentric bending head which gives extreme flexibility for out-of-sequence bends, cantered eyelet, generation bends and spirals-like shapes. With proper change of tooling, this model fits for off-the-coil wire and tube bending.