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A new way to pack and protect tubes, coils and machinery

Published: - 13/02/2018 Author: Katia Martinini
A new way to pack and protect tubes, coils and machinery

Packing tubes, coils and metal machinery with sharp or protruding corners and edges has always caused major problems. This is precisely why Propagroup, a company that has been designing and producing packaging systems for fifty years, has developed PROPASTEEL PLUS.

With highly innovative features compared to traditional packaging solutions used in the metallurgical industry, PROPATECH VCI is a coextruded plastic film made with a mixture of special resins designed to make it resistant to puncture and tears.
Characterized by a very low permeability and a higher anticorrosive protection, PROPASTEEL PLUS is the last frontier for the packing of steel and other metals.

In addition, when treated with the PROPATECH VCI system, PROPASTEEL PLUS can also safegard against corrosion and give mechanical protection, which is very important for a various range of products.

PROPASTEEL PLUS is normally supplied on reels but on request it can be shipped in sheets, sacks or caps with bellow. It can be customized both graphically and in color (blue standard color).

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