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Wall thermal insulation: Rivit's solutions

Published: - 11/07/2018 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
Wall thermal insulation: Rivit's solutions

The wall thermal insulation is made of a series of insulating layers applied externally or internally to the walls of the buildings, to ensure complete insulation. This system allows a considerable energy saving, maintaining high internal temperatures in winter, and preventing the heat of the sun from penetrating inside the building during summer. The thermal insulation may be done either on the inside or outside walls, roof or floors. The internal thermal insulation consists in placing the insulating panels on the inside walls of the houses. This is a widely used measure in urban buildings and in roof insulation.

Rivit is always committed to developing accessories for riveting tools. For instance, when there is the need of working in vertical positioning, the new handle for RIV300 can be applied on the tool. The external insulation envelope is widely used for the facades of apartment buildings. The external thermal envelope, in addition to greater insulation, ensures the prevention of damage to external walls (such as cracks or mould) and the reduction of thermal bridges. To make the thermal insulation envelope you can use different materials, either synthetic or natural. Among the most used synthetic materials there are polystyrene, expanded or extruded (ESP and XPS), and PVC. They feature low costs and excellent insulating characteristics.

The materials of natural origin (wood or glass fiber panels, cork and rock wool) are excellent thermal and acoustic insulators. However, they can be very expensive because they require longer processing.

Rivit offers many types of plugs to fix insulating panels. Continue reading.