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A new integrated yarn tension control system for consistent production results

Published: - 21/02/2019 Author: Marina Amplatz
A new integrated yarn tension control system for consistent production results

Rosendahl's ROBI high-speed low-tension cross-binder was designed for binding SZ-stranded loose tubes. Nowdays, the ever-increasing needs of the market push machines manufacturers to always find new technologies and solutions to improve this strading method. That's why Rosendahl developed a new integrated yarn tension measurement system, which allows consistent and, if required, very low binding tension, also during high-speed productions. 

Speed is usually a very important factor of performance. With a line speed of up to 200 m/min, loose tubes are stranded at an impressive 2,500 rpm. But speed alone isn't enough to fulfill all manufacturer requirement for a production line. Integrated components also have to react precisely at high speeds.

New challenges
The introduction of new materials and the optimization of cable designs constantly pose new challenges for cable manufacturers. A few years ago, a loose tube with 12 fibers had a diameter of 2.8 mm. Today, the same loose tube has a diameter of only 1.4 mm. Low binding forces are now a fundamental criterion when stranding such cores. 

Tensions of 2 Newtons and less
The newly developed Rosendahl yarn tension binder enables minimum yarn tensions of 2 newtons, which cannot be achieved using conventional binders. These constant tension forcesbring excellent results in fiber optic productions and minimize scrap.

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