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Cars of the future will drive better with Rosendahl

Published: - 09/04/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Cars of the future will drive better with Rosendahl

Only a few years ago, the latest development in driving technologies would have been impossible to imagine; and yet here we are: development opportunities for autonomous driving seem to be endless; backup cameras for park assist, cruise control that warns us for driving too fast and entertainment applications for kids on long drives are almost standard in newly produced cars; And new sensors that should make driving even safer are being developed constantly.

What impact can you as a cable producer expect in the near future?

These technological achievements brings with them new interesting challenges to overcome:

- The more technology there is in a car, the higher the number of different cables needed;
- More cables and sensors, but consistent or even reduced space consumption;
- High temperature resistance;
- 100% accuracy;
- Optimal transmissibility.

Polypropylene is a resistant, low-loss and relatively light plastic that can provide an ideal solution to these increasingly common problems. Its unique features certainly makes it an extremely attractive option for production of cables in the automotive field, as It allows the production of small, light and cost-effective products. Polypropylene seems to fulfill the future requirements of the market very well.

In combination with the new gas control systems RGIV (Rosendahl gas injector valve) and RMFC (Rosendahl mass flow control), lines for the production of data cables in the automotive sector are ideally equipped to ensure the reproducibility of the product and to reduce scrap during the entrire production process. Efficient results are guaranteed.

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