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Rosendahl's upgrade solutions to keep your equipment efficient

Published: - 09/10/2017 Author: Marina Amplatz
Rosendahl's upgrade solutions to keep your equipment efficient

Initial purchase or retrofit? Upgrades are a way to keep your equipment efficient.

Economics play a major role here. Is your line equipped with technology and electrical components which are not state-of-the-art or are outdated? Products change over the years and the market demand shifts now and again. This is why a line modification should be evaluated from time to time.
It is important to analyze the production target and resources. Following a relatively small investment, it may be possible to increase the line’s performance and reliability and to meet today's demands.

The right upgrade often imparts the same benefits as new equipment. Rosendahl’s automated control system technology expertise and especially our process knowledge help to evaluate upgrade possibilities and provide process support for the line upgrade. In combination with appropriate measures, the return on investment will be feasible within months.

Rosendahl offers a wide range of customized upgrades from single components and line control systems to entire electrical cabinets, including the latest PLC and AC-drive technology. These systems help to make sure you will get the most out of your equipment for many years to come.

Efficient upgrades result in:

  • Increased overall equipment effectiveness
  • Higher production flexibility
  • Reduced maintenance costs and increased spare parts availability
  • Optimized production process and short ROI
  • Expanded capabilities due to greater line control functionality and usability