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Sadev informs about its certifications on stainless steel wire

Published: - 24/06/2013 Author: sadevinox
Sadev informs about its certifications on stainless steel wire

Sadev, the French producer of stainless steel wire, machining wire, cold-headed wires, spring wire and welding wire, hereby informs about its quality certificates, which are valid for all their products, including those on (the online shop for stainless steel wires) and the austinox welding wire products. 


Sadev ships worldwide, and you can order small quantities of wire as well. Following diameters are available: from 0.10mm to 24mm.  




TUV ISO 9001

ISO 9001 2008Pdf



Welding wire filler metal Pdf



Zulassungszertifikat Pdf


MarqueDB  Zulassungszertifikat
AUSTINOX TIG 308 L43.218.03
AUSTINOX TIG 309 L43.218.05
AUSTINOX TIG 316 L43.218.07
AUSTINOX MIG 307 Si43.218.01
AUSTINOX MIG 308 LSi43.218.02
AUSTINOX MIG 309 LSi43.218.04
AUSTINOX MIG 316 LSi43.218.06

Kennblatt vdtuv


MarqueVdTÜV Kennblatt Nr
AUSTINOX TIG 308 L12376.00
AUSTINOX TIG 309 L12378.00
AUSTINOX TIG 316 L12380.00
AUSTINOX MIG 307 Si12374.00
AUSTINOX MIG 308 LSi12375.00
AUSTINOX MIG 309 LSi12377.00
AUSTINOX MIG 316 LSi12379.00

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