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Metal poles for mechanized harvest

Published: - 04/12/2017 Author: C. Ripamonti, Trainee
Metal poles for mechanized harvest

Almost 2000 tons of steel converted in vineyards posts planted all over the world. These are the numbers of the strength of Sika’s new product: a pole studied and realized carefully, thanks to 10 years of experience in the wine market.

The current one is a post for vineyards with generous dimensions, solid and useful for mechanized harvest. The open section guarantees a good ventilation, avoiding moisture in the neck part, and at the same time the thickness of the sheet metal and the zinc-coating give an incredible resistance and durability.

high quality product, exclusive, but able to meet everybody's needs.

In December 2017 a "small version" of this vineyard post will be available. This product is specific for those markets where the cultivation doesn’t need a high level of performance and mechanical robustness.