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Hold the line: the Sjogren alignment marker to increase productivity and profits

Published: - 08/04/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Hold the line: the Sjogren alignment marker to increase productivity and profits

Design is critical to productivity.

Does your current vendor guarantee that your wire straightening rolls will line up every time?

Sjogren industries does it with its unique alignment marker.

A feature found only on Sjogren rollers, the alignment marker ensures that the wire’s centerline is maintained exactly from one roller to the next. The Sjogren alignment marker accounts for variations in bearing width and makes it easy for the operator to identify the correct way to mount replacement rollers and maintain tolerances.

This provides several benefits: first of all there is a significant reduction in set-up time, secondly it vastly improves centerline alignment, which in turn improves productivity and increases profits. Furthermore, having and holding the centerline prevents any scratch or bend to the wire and keep it intact, which is indeed a vital component of productivity and profit!

All Sjogren straighteners have their own unique grooved rolls, machined according to exact specifications and featuring the alignment marker, which guarantee that the assembly maintains a precise wire centerline.

No matter what manufacturer’s straightener assembly you have, Sjogren can provide you with replacement grooved rolls that will work in your current configuration, for any size roller, in any shape groove and for any quantity — including short runs.

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