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How to limit the negative impact of US tariffs with Sjogren

Published: - 03/12/2018 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
How to limit the negative impact of US tariffs with Sjogren

Since the day of his election, Donald Trump has taken the global trade by storm, surging to the center of the economic and political stage with tariffs that have jeopardized the market and divided the public opinion. Earlier this year, the American president imposed tariffs of 25% and 10% on imports of steel and aluminum from most foreign countries. The purpose of this move was to shield the struggling American metal industry from the damage of foreign competition.

As reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Trump tariffs have had a tremendous impact on the cost of raw materials, causing a dramatic increase of a whopping 27.1% for all steel wire manufacturers.

As a result, it is irrelevant whether you support or oppose Trump’s cause: the US steel tariffs are a reality that all the producers and suppliers in the sector have to face. How can you react to this sudden shift in the market and painlessly transition to the next phase?

The answer lies in a simple yet effective solution: efficiency. By making your production more efficient you will ensure that all the resources are optimally allocated, therefore minimizing wastes and saving money. This is where Sjogren comes in. Sjogren is specialized in the design and development of wire straightening assemblies and components that will enhance the productivity and efficiency of your equipment.

Just to give a quick example, their straighteners offer a design that minimizes space and setup time while eliminating the need for costly base plates for mounting. The Static Dancer Roll (patent pending) replaces the conventional dancer roller or tuner roller on a wire drawing machine. With the conventional roller, the combination of high heat, draw lube contamination, and general wear causes wire surface scratching, ball bearing seizure, and requires constant maintenance.

Sometimes producers and manufactures have little control over bigger outside forces that can have a real impact on their turnover. In these cases it is important to keep a proactive attitude and react quickly.

The SDR is only one of the many helpful innovations introduced by Sjogren, find out more here >>