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Bright drawn wire, what is it and when to use it

Published: - 07/07/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Bright drawn wire, what is it and when to use it

Through the cold drawing process it is possible to manufacture bright drawn wire with different carbon content, suitable for the production of a variety of finished products, such as small metal parts, nails, staples, nuts, bolts, screws and so on. In the wire industry jargon, the term “bright” commonly refers to unfinished, uncoated wires, not to be confused with the shiny/polished wires!

The lube-free bright drawn wire offered by Trafilierie Galli is available both with low and medium carbon content. Low carbon steel (0.04%-0.07%) is the material best suited to the box stapling industry. Another important outlet is e.g. the medical sector. Once drawn, the wire can be packed in coils, wooden spools or in the special patented packaging Steel Box.
Medium carbon steel (around 0.5%) is what we usually refer to when we talk about common steel. Having a higher carbon content, this type of steel also has a higher hardenability, and is therefore suitable for different finishing and applications.

Founded in 1969, Trafilerie Galli is a wire-drawing company specializing in the production of wire with low and medium carbon content. The considerable expertise developed over the years combined with an extensive research on materials and products allow Trafilerie Galli to deliver high-quality drawn wire at competitive prices. The carbon steel employed by the company is carefully selected and is provided only by the best supplier in the market. The wire is also available galvanized, copper-plated or bronzed.

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