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Malavedo wire drawing factory. The annealing process

Published: - 22/06/2010 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
Malavedo wire drawing factory. The annealing processMalavedo wire drawing factory. The annealing process. The annealing process is performed in bell furnaces. Malavedo carries out “white” annealing, that is in controlled atmosphere with nitrogen recycle; upon request, “black” annealing without nitrogen recycle; “standard” annealing or annealing at particular temperatures required by the customer. Each annealing cycle is managed and checked by automated programs which allow for the registration of each phase for a better control of any discrepancy. The material may be packed by means of coils, coilers or reels of various dimensions according to customer requirements. All the products made by Malavedo: - Bonderized hard drawn wire and soft iron wire - Bright hard drawn wire - Bright soft iron wire - Controlled-atmosphere furnaces and with fan. - Copper plated hard drawn wire - Copper plated soft iron wire - Galvanized plain soft and hard drawn wire - Traditionally bath treated wire - White annealed iron wire - Wire in bars