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Trafilerie Vavassori. Wire experts.

Published: - 07/05/2008 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
Trafilerie Vavassori: from past to future. At the beginning of the ‘60s, Alfredo Vavassori started producing plastified and galvanised wide-meshes, to which he added the commercialisation of annealed iron wire, galvanised wire, nails and a series of articles for enclosures and for the building sector. At present, the company produces drawn wire, galvanised wire, black and white annealed wire, bright drawn wire in packages of 5 kg up to skeins of 1000 kg, bright, electrolytically and hot galvanized nails in any size, plastified wire in different packages from 10 meters for the bricolage to skeins of 500 kg for industrial use, and galvanised or plastified wide-mesh. All the products are realised by using state-of-the-art machineries to grant the maximum quality and continuity of the production. To this production, the company added the commercialisation of a vast series of articles for building. Production: -Articles for elettricaly welded fences -Barbed wire -Building products -Drawn wire for every requirement -Elettricaly welded nets for fences -Nails -Net for building -Nets: security nets for building -Wide-meshes for fences