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Nothing is destroyed, everything is recovered: Violi's solutions

Published: - 04/11/2018 Author: Sofia Violi
Nothing is destroyed, everything is recovered: Violi's solutions

The recovery of precious metals resulting from industrial waste is a key issue for the productive cycle of companies that operate in different fields; the jewellery and E-Waste industries are just a few macro-sectors where the regulated disposal of waste, whose intrinsic value is increased by the presence of precious metals, is required.

The E-Waste treatment allows the recovery of precious and noble metals; Violi S.r.l. thanks to its know-how developed a line of machines that allow to valorize waste and to maximize its profitability through a process that begins with the VM/STC/R machine, which was studied, created and patented to separate the components from the electronic circuit boards. After some other steps, the components are melted in order to obtain the ingot.

The process takes place in perfect safety during all working phases and is completely adaptable and adjustable according to the kind of product used; the system can be fully automated.

Violi S.r.l. offers also solutions for zinc recovery and for the treatment of exhaust catalysts.

All Violi S.r.l. machines comply with the applicable European Standards. For more information, please contact the email address: or visit the website: