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Violi: straightening technology

Published: - 12/10/2018 Author: Dell'Oro, Management
Violi: straightening technology

Engaged in the designing and production of equipment for the cold working of wires, tubes, rods and metal profiles since more than twenty-five years, Violi Srl boasts today an established presence on the main international markets thanks to a complete range of products. 

Besides the line of machinery dedicated to the cold drawing of tubes and bars through hydraulic drawing benches, the company has also developed over time a line of machines dedicated to the straightening process: 

MRT: straightening machine with hyperbolic rollers for tubes or rods.

RPD: straightening machine for square and rectangular profiles.

MRTV: wire-straightening machine with fly cutting system through shears or saw blade designed to straighten and cut wires.

MRTS: straightening machines with saw blade cut for tubes with round and complex profiles. 

The VM/RPD series is the ideal solution to straighten bars and tubes with square, rectangular and complex profile. The two motorized straightening groups – one vertical and one horizontal – can adapt to different dimensions and always self-position on the center of the profile. The machine is managed through PLC, with the possibility to store working programs for different types of profiles.

All the machines can be adapted to the needs of the customer.

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