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Industry 4.0: Viteria Fusani’s smart factory

Published: - 06/05/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
Industry 4.0: Viteria Fusani’s smart factory

The term industry 4.0 indicates the recent trend towards the implementation of new interconnection technologies between physical and digital systems. Improved performance, reduced energy waste, optimized production and redefined human-machine interaction all represent the ultimate goal of the fourth industrial revolution. In this article, Viteria Fusani gives us a tangible look at the advantages that industry 4.0 has brought to the manufacturing sector.

Over the past couple of years, thanks to the support of specialized companies, Fusani has implemented a unique information system, to which all production machinery is interconnected.

The interaction between the machines allows to collect and monitor real-time information about the progress of batches, both for the internal management and for the external process phases. Thanks to the analysis of the data stored in the machinery it is possible to adapt the production system on the spot, so as to better respond to the specific production requirements.

With the interconnection of the machines to a single information system, it is possible to check the progress of each batch, the number of pieces produced, the working phase in which the pieces are located, any machine downtime and related reasons, any records of non-compliance and all actions taken. The system allows to draw up control plans and to trace the entire production chain. The analysis of all this information can be used to identify how to improve efficiency and production capacity.

It is worth saying that the National Industry 4.0 plan issued by the Italian government has provided a considerable boost not only to Viteria Fusani, but to all the companies that have decided to invest in this regard, and undoubtedly represents a remarkable initiative.

While companies are still completing their 4.0 transformation, everyone is already buzzing about Industry 5.0. Viteria Fusani has always been sensitive to industry changes and certainly will not fail to take this opportunity, provided that the right conditions for development are laid. It is in fact necessary to carry out a study of the processes in the context of the recent innovations in the field of automation and robotics and to evaluate how to proceed along this path of growth and innovation.

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