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The manufacturer’s perspective: an interview with Viteria Fusani

Published: - 03/02/2019 Author: Vood, Sales Dep.
The manufacturer’s perspective: an interview with Viteria Fusani

Viteria Fusani has been manufacturing fastener since 1955. Their product range includes screws from Ø 1,6 to Ø 8 with a maximum length of 90 mm. The company offers a wide range of threads, heads and materials as well as hardening treatments and galvanic coatings.
In this short interview, Viteria Fusani’s Sales Director Isabella Fusani tells us about the metamorphosis the company had to undergo in order to adapt to the increasingly demanding market, and how they managed to turn this into a considerable competitive asset.

Viteria Fusani has been established more than 60 years ago: how has the company evolved over more than half a century?

The company was established in 1955 by Francesco Fusani, and since the ‘70s it has been led successfully by his sons Tino, Gianpiero and Claudio. During the ‘90s some of Francesco Fusani’s grandsons also joined the team, and have since been involved in the company’s evolution process. At the beginning, the production was focused on threaded rods, but over the years more attention has been paid to the growing needs of important customers, who needed high quality customized products of non-standard shapes and measures. This is when we decided to include several new types of screws in our product range, such as self-tapping, self-forming and thread forming screws, set screws, different screw heads for every type of screwdriver and special processing upon customer’s request.

At some point you came up with the decision of focusing on custom-designed screws. How did it happen?

The ‘90s saw the start of a stiff competition with the Asian manufacturers, who managed to win over the global market of standard screws. This is why we decided to realign our business strategy so as to focus on custom-designed products. Over the years, thermal and galvanic treatments have also become more popular. Thanks to the collaboration with reliable strategic partners, Fusani was able to provide its customers with comprehensive support and products that meet every specific request.

What is your target industry? Could you outline the profile of your typical customer?

Currently, the majority of Fusani’s customer base is made of large companies, end-users of special screws; but of course we aim to extend our range, while seeking new opportunities. The new generation is committed to constantly improving their resource management, in order to provide customers with products and technical assistance that can fully satisfy their needs.

For some years now, everybody has been buzzing about the 4th industrial revolution. How did you implement the prerogatives of industry 4.0? Did they bring any tangible benefits to your production unit?

In 2018, Fusani started the renewal of the data management system by introducing a single information software, which also allows to monitor all processes (from the administrative ones to the operational), so as to streamline the flow of information. All the machinery has been linked to the system, as provided for by the industry 4.0 model, and soon the analysis of the economic and production data will allow us to identify which aspects need to be improved and consolidated, in order to attain an even higher level of efficiency.

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