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Cable machinery liquidation: new lines available and viewing time extended

Published: - 06/05/2019 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Cable machinery liquidation: new lines available and viewing time extended

The second hand machines supplier Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. acquired some months ago a whole series of equipment from a big manufacturer in Worcester, MA (USA).

The liquidation has just been extended and additional items are now available. All pieces of equipment are available to be shipped directly from the site. Follow the Inventory Number Hyperlink to see pictures and further details. Call +1 860-583-4646 or email info@wireandplastic.com to get detailed information on exact location and current price quotations and to arrange a plant visit. All reasonable offers will be considered.

Highlights include:

EXPL449 – 2” Royle 24:1 Primary Line, 24” Dual Cone Payoff, 12” Multi-Pass Capstan, Zumbach ODAC, USYS, 24” Parallel Axis Dual Take-up (in the picture)

EXPL450 – 2 ½” Davis Standard 24:1 Extrusion Line, (2) 36” Viteck Driven Payoffs, (2) Drag P/Os, (2) 12” Vertical Accumulators, 24” Horiz B.W Capstan, (2) 36” Viteck Take-ups

EXPL452 – 3 ½” Davis Standard 24:1 Jacket Line, (2) 42” Viteck Driven Payoffs, (2) 19’ Vertical Accumulators, 18” Multi-pass Capstan, (2) 42” Viteck Take-ups, Zumbach ODAC

EXPL451 – 2” Davis Standard 24:1 Hi-Temp Extruder, 19’ Vertical Accumulator, 24” B.W Capstan, (2) 36” Shaftless Drag Brake Payoffs, Preheater, Viteck Dancer, (2) 48” Take-ups

CBR1337 – 48” Watson Drum Twister (Rotating Cradle) Line, 30” Payoff Neutralizer 4 pos. Rot Cradle, 30” Allard Payoff Neutralizer 6 pos., 2 Conc. Tapers, NEW AC VECTOR DRIVES

CBR1338 – 16” Qingfeng 6+6 Planetary/ Rigid Cabler, Elec. brakes w/load cell encoder feedback, 24” Driven Payoff, 30” Dual Capstan, 24” Traversing Take-up


All currently available items are listed in this PDF FILE

In other warehouses:


WRD1105 - Niehoff M85,11 Die Rod Breakdown Machine (MC 10-5692) with Niehoff VG85 Annealer (MC 10.6739), DC Drive, Dancer, 800mm Bongard Drop Coiler - Model KW 800 (SN 1089/2), Year of manufacture 1994. Includes Vaughn Pointer Stringer.

WRD1107 – SKET 13 Die Rod Breakdown Machine with Annealer and Bongard 800mm Drop Coiler, 1994.

BPK103 – 18” Endex Drop Coiler, Model ECC18

CBR1330 – Cook BH36, 36” Single Twist Buncher

RWD638 – Clipper SP-24, Dual Winder

WRD1101 – Filtertech HGF4-1600, Filtration System

RWD637 – Tulsa Shaft Bench Rewinder



For a lot of equipment that shows up in the WPMC warehouses, the company does the initial preparation of fully cleaning and repainting. Listed below are a few selections to ponder:

WRD1090.2 – Niehoff 800mm Shaftless Spooler

CAT624 – MGS 50” Belt Caterpuller

TKU1536 – Bartell 96” Shaftless Takeup

TKU1526 – Merritt Davis 60” Shaftless Takeup

PAY2115 – Skaltek 1.6m Portal Driven Payoff

Meet Wire & Plastic Machinery Corporation at Interwire 2019 in Atlanta, GA, USA, on May 13-16 - booth 1131.