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Second hand extruders and extrusion lines for sale

Published: - 18/03/2019 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Second hand extruders and extrusion lines for sale

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corporation has a wide assortment of second hand extrusion equipment available in its 8 warehouse locations. Even if the lines presented do not meet with your needs, the company can handle some mixing and matching in order to get to the right configuration.

EXPL404 – Davis Standard 3”/3.5” Tandem Extrusion Line with Tensor Corrugator – Wadesboro, NC

EXPL406 – Maillefer 120mm Loose Tube Jacketing Line – Wadesboro, NC

EXPL312 – Niehoff/Davis Standard/Genca Tandem Wire drawing/Insulating Line – Bonham, TX

EXPL411 – Rosendal/Niehoff Tandem Wire Drawing/Insulating Line – Pawtucket, RI

EXPL417 – Davis Standard 2” Hi Temp Extrusion Line – Bonham, TX


For a lot of equipment that shows up in the warehouse, Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. does the initial preparation of fully cleaning and repainting. People may ask why the machines are not completely refurbished at this point but everyone’s needs are different and thus locking in the performance attributes may limit the sale of the machiney. Listed below are a few selections to ponder:

TKU1555 – TEC 36” Shaftless Takeup – Wadesboro, NC

TKU1538 – 108” Bartell Shaftless Takeup – Wadesboro, NC

MSC2545 – Weber and Scher 14” Corrugator – Bonham, TX

PAY2115 – Skaltek 1.6m Driven Portal Payoff

CBR1292 – Roteq 68” Single Twist Cabler – Bonham, TX


Some months ago the second hand machinery supplier acquired from a major manufacturer in Worcester, MA (USA) several pieces of equipment available to ship direct from the site. While several more key items have disappeared from the list, a couple of items actually have crept in. A full listing with hyperlinks is available on this PDF file. Please call +1 860-583-4646 or email info@wireandplastic.com to arrange a personal onsite viewing. The major remaining highlights include the following:

EXPL437 – Rosendahl 45mm/30mm/18mm Skin Foam Skin, High Temp Foam Extrusion Line

CBR1316 – Dynamex 30” Single Twist Cabling Lines (2 available)

CBR1327 – Dynamex 36” Single Twist Cabling Line

CBR1326 – Dongquan Qing Feng Machinery 12” 6x 6 Planetary Cabling Line with load cell feedback tension control

TPR385 – EJR Triple Head Taping Line, Year 2011


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