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Second-hand rotating machines (and more) available from Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp.

Published: - 04/06/2018 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Second-hand rotating machines (and more) available from Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp.

Cabling machinery is a vast subsection of the equipment Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. has available from 8 North American locations. 
They cover both the bare and insulated side of the business. You have double twist bunchers, tubular stranders, single twist machines, planetaries, drum twisters, skip stranders and rigid stranders. For optical fiber (and lately even copper), you get into SZ stranders.

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. has versions of all of these, scattered throughout 3 million square feet of warehouse space. The company also has a wide variety of ancillary equipment to help fill out any line. Below are some of the best:

CBR1183 – Tensor 6 Loose Tube Fiber SZ Cabling Line – Wadesboro, NC

CBR1201 – Ceeco 96” Drum Twisting Line – Wadesboro, NC (in the picture)

CBR1173 – WMCA/Watson 31”/22” 61 wire Rigid Stranding Line – Wadesboro, NC

CBR1184 – Custom 24”, 37 wire (1+6+12+18) Planetary Cabling Line – Wadesboro, NC

CBR1216 –Northampton 1.8m Double Twist Buncher – Bonham, TX

CBR1269– Mali 630mm 1+3 Bow Cabling Line – Wadesboro, NC

CBR940 – Pourtier 800mm Single Twist Cabling Line – Pawtucket, RI

CBR1193 – AFA 16”, 18 position Fiber Planetary Line

CBR1144 – Cook 36” Single Twist Buncher – Wadesboro, NC

CBR1262.2 – SAMP 760mm Double Twist Buncher – Bonham, TX

TBR196 – Ceeco 31” (800mm) 6+1 Tubular Stranding Line



Some of the more recently arrived machines are listed below.

PRN287 – White & Street WS944 Foil Printer

CAP843.2 –Davis Electric 24” Belt Wrap Capstan (3)

DAN516 – Fine International 10’ Dancers, 10” Sheaves, 7x8 (6)

PAY2155 – Roteq 60” Portal Payoff (2)

RWD629 – Nextrom Dual Head Spooler/Collapsible Coiler

CAP840 – Davis Standard 18” Multipass Capstan and Water Trough (2)



The liquidation of the assets at Aetna Insulated Wire in Virginia Beach, VA continues onwards and the list gets smaller and smaller. The updated list of items is on this PDF file: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/75176/docs/2018-06-01AetnaLiquidation.pdf

Please call 860-583-4646 to set up an appointment to visit, or to get a quotation on specific items that you are interested in. Note that all items are being sold AS IS, WHERE IS.

The whole WPMC inventory is available at this link >>