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Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp.: not only used machinery

Published: - 15/07/2018 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp.: not only used machinery

Being in the used machinery business does not mean that Wire & Plastic Machinery Corporation foregoes or condemns anything New.
In fact, the second-hand machines supplier based in the US has an assortment of equipment that has never been put into service.

Here is a listing of a bunch of them:

CAT628 – Merritt Davis 60” Caterpuller – Wadesboro, NC - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Caterpullers/Belt%20Type/CAT628

BIN217 – Tensor BC-4000-DSRL, Dual Concentric Binder – Wadesboro, NC - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Binders/Concentric%20Binder/BIN217

MOT1214 – Marathon Blue Max 500 HP AC Motor - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Motors/AC/MOT1214

MSC2581 – Square D 4000 AMP Switchgear – Va Beach, VA - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Miscellaneous/Other/MSC2581

CBR1171 – Rosendahl 500mm KVT12-500 Ribbon Strander – Wadesboro, NC - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Optical%20Fiber%20Equipment/Ribbon%20Strander/CBR1171

MSC1920 – Acco 2000 pound Electric Hoist – Wadesboro, NC - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Miscellaneous/Other/MSC1920

MSC1827 – Nextrom Jelly Recycling System – Wadesboro, NC - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Miscellaneous/Filling%20Stations%20-%20Melt%20Pump/MSC1827



Some of the used machines that have been spruced up for your immediate use.

CAT624 – MGS 50” Belt Caterpuller – Wadesboro, NC - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Caterpullers/Belt%20Type/CAT624

TKU1538 – Bartell 108” Shaftless Takeup – Wadesboro, NC - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Take-ups/Cantilevered%20Arm%20-%20Shaftless/TKU1538

TKU1526 – Merritt Davis 60” Shaftless Takeup – Wadesboro, NC - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Take-ups/Cantilevered%20Arm%20-%20Shaftless/TKU1526

MSC2528 – Kalmar 3” Interlock Armoring Machine with General Engineering 48” Belt Caterpuller– Attleboro, MA - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Miscellaneous/Interlock%20Armoring/MSC2528

WRD1074 – SAMP AP/3/RC Pointer Stringer – Wadesboro, NC - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Wire%20Drawing/Pointer%20Stringer/WRD1074

PAY2113 – Skaltek 1.6m (63”) A164K Driven Portal Payoff – Bristol, CT - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Payoffs/Portal/PAY2113

CBR1294 – Laribee 16” Double Twist Buncher – Bonham, TX - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Rotating%20Equipment/Double%20Twist%20Machines/CBR1294

CAP826.4 – Custom 12” Dual Capstan/Shaft Takeup Combination – Wadesboro, NC - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Capstans/Dual/CAP826_4

WRD1071 – SAMP TR/2-TP Intermediate Wire Drawer/Annealer/Preheater – Wadesboro, NC - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Wire%20Drawing/Intermediate%20Wire%20Drawing/WRD1071

CBR1278 – Cook 24” Buncher BH-24 – Attleboro, MA - http://inventory.wireandplastic.com/All/Rotating%20Equipment/Single%20Twist%20Machines/CBR1278



The liquidation of the assets at Aetna Insulated Wire in Virginia Beach, VA continues onwards and the list gets smaller and smaller. Substantial deals are still to be had. The updated list of items is on this PDF file: https://www.wireandplastic.com/hubfs/docs/2018-07-02AetnaLiquidation.pdf

Please call 860-583-4646 to set up an appointment to visit, or to get a quotation on specific items that you are interested in. Note that all items are being sold AS IS, WHERE IS.



The next big international date for Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. is in Shanghai, China at the end of September for the Wire China show. Obviously, the potential tariff issues will probably be front and center getting closer to the show dates.

Immediately after that show, the company will be active in the Fundamentals course being put together by the Wire Association in McKinney, TX on October 10 and 11. A tour of both Encore Wire and WPMC's warehouse in Bonham, TX will be part of the course.

The following week there will be the International Wire and Cable Symposium in Providence, RI. Being so close to the company's Attleboro, MA and Pawtucket, RI warehouses, Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp. encourages you to try to spend an extra day to come by and tour the 2 facilities.

Finally, WPMC will be also exhibiting at the Wire India show in Mumbai, India in late November.