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WPMC: Focus on optical fiber machinery

Published: - 11/10/2017 Author: Di Maggio, EIC
WPMC: Focus on optical fiber machinery

With the ongoing IWCS, the 66th Annual International Cable & Connectivity Symposium, which is predominantly attended by the optical fiber professionals, Wire & Plastic Machinery is going to highlight this month the optical fiber machinery wares.

There's a special section in the website just for this category >>  
Or you can check out the individual items listed below.

CBR1183 – Tensor S-Z Stranding Line – Wadesboro, NC

EXPL406 – Loose Tube Jacketing Line w/ Nokia 120 mm 24:1 Extruder, (2) 2.2m AFA Portal Payoffs, 2.6 m Portal Traversing Takeup, 67"/48" Belt Cats, Dual 12 pos. Yarn/Steel server, Corrugator, Former, Welder, Printer, etc. – Wadesboro, NC

CBR1171 – 500 mm 12 position, Rosendahl Ribbon Strander Model KVT12-500 (2 available) –Wadesboro, NC

TKU739 – 12" Hall Buffered Dual Shaft Traversing Take-up, Auto w/15' Vert. Accumulator, Bottom End Out – Bristol, CT

RWD587 – 2.3m /87" AFA-2.6m/96" Maillefer Portal Rewind Line with White & Street WS-930 Metric Length marker– Wadesboro, NC


This month’s special is a High Temp Foam Line originally built in 2000. The payoff is a 630mm KuKaMa shaftless driven version, A Zumbach WST Tempmaster Preheater s included. The extruder is a 2", 30:1 Davis Standard Hi Temp, Thermatic III. It has 6 zones and is air cooled with a 40 HP AC inverter motor. Unit includes an AEC hopper/loader and AEC Whitlock Mini Dryer, with Autoloader. Capstan is a 12" Davis Standard multipass style and includes additional 22 feet stainless steel cooling trough. Zumbach KW32Trio-1 lump detector and 3 - ODAC15XYJ diameter gages along with a Clinton HF-15A Spark Tester provide the online product testing. A 24" Clipper PA-24 Dual Takeup comes in at the end. The drive panel is Siemens based controls.

Line is currently at the Wadesboro, NC facility. Photos and complete details can be found here >>


WPMC has plenty of items in all warehouses that are already cleaned and painted and are just sitting on the floor waiting for someone to give them a new home. Head for www.wireandplastic.com and input the Item # in the search field to get additional info. Then send in online quote request or email/phone WPMC direct for pricing.

TPR369 – Setic 500mm Concentric Taping Head – Bonham, TX

CAP830 – Rosendahl 12” Multipass Capstan – Wadesboro, NC

WEL454.3 – Micro Products Buttwelder, Model HP-1 – Bonham, TX

MSC2482 – Ceeco 4” Interlock Armoring Machine – Attleboro, MA

EXP1249 – Genca 3/4", 24:1 Vertical CoExtruder – Wadesboro, NC

More at www.wireandplastic.com