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Precise & reliable measuring solutions for fibre drawing processes from Zumbach

Published: - 13/07/2017 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Precise & reliable measuring solutions for fibre drawing processes from Zumbach

More and ever faster – today and tomorrow, data transmission has to provide outstanding performances. This can only be achieved with perfect optical fibers built into flawless optical fiber cables. ZUMBACH Electronics has been providing precision measurement solutions for more than 60 years. For any application, the company offers measuring and control equipment, providing the highest precision in the drawing tower and in cable production lines – resulting in material savings and reduction of costs.

In the fibre drawing process, it is critical to be able to measure the diameter, position within the measuring field and ovality, in at least two measuring axes by use of an optical diameter gauge. Using the captured measurements and relating the optical central position exactly to the draw tower central position, and measuring axes exactly in relation to the draw towers axes of adjustment, it is possible to offset the drawing process position specifically to attain the optimum roundness and concentricity of the drawn fibre from the preform. This process is typically completely automated relying on precision and reliable dimension data to realise the required high level of process quality.

Each year, ZUMBACH Electronics repeatedly supplies this global market with various solutions capable to cover the differing dimension range needs and specialist interface requirements. Nowadays fibres are regularly produced measuring down to 15 microns, where ZUMBACH remain as one of the sole suppliers capable to offer any solution. Interfaces such as Profibus DP, Ethernet TCP/IP, Analogue, Profinet IO, EtherNet IP and Serial RS are all catered for within our range of solutions. Added to this, Zumbach also offers 3-axis solutions and multi-axis surface defect solutions capable to integrate in both the draw and coating process’s.