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Zumbach Electronics: measuring & control solutions on showcase at wire Russia

Published: - 28/05/2019 Author: Scaccabarozzi, Ed. Staff
Zumbach Electronics: measuring & control solutions on showcase at wire Russia

Zumbach Electronics is pleased to welcome you to wire Russia 2019.

This year again Zumbach welcomes its customers to meet the company's staff in Moscow at booth FO A6, where they will be able to give you detailed information about the wide range of measuring & control solutions for process monitoring, quality control and cost-effective production.

Zumbach's new Team will be delighted to provide information about the complete product range, among others:

• 1, 2 and 3 axis ODAC® diameter gauges for any cable and wire and any budget.
Besides the complete line of these diameter gauges, new models with special beam geometry, fault detection function and super fast scan rate will be exhibited.

• The advanced ODEX® concentricity and diameter gauge for wire extrusion. Fully non-contact, based on magnetic and laser technology.

• New ultrasonic wall thickness and eccentricity scanners of the UMAC® series for best material saving capabilities and process control.

• Unique PROFILEMASTER® profile and shape measurement systems using light section principle and machine vision.

• State-of-the-Art Spark Tester systems with best price-performance ratio.

• Advanced KW lump/neckdown detectors with a unique measuring principle and complex optics solution

Data Acquisition, Processing and Display Units (Processors)
• Modular high performance data acquisition, processing and display units of the USYS IPCe series with smart self-tuning controller to optimise process and material consumption.

Complete Measuring and Control Systems
RAYEX® D series: Dynamic X-Ray measuring & control system for CV lines, for wall thickness (3 layers), eccentricity and diameter/ovality.

RAYEX® S series: Static X-Ray measuring & control system for extrusion lines, for wall thickness, eccentricity and diameter/ovality.

WALLMASTER / UMAC® - DIACAL Systems: Ultrasonic wall thickness and eccentricity systems for cable jackets and DIACAL option for fully automatic calibration and control.

Zumbach is looking forward to welcome you at the corporate booth.

Products and services
Laser measuring heads for in-line & off-line dimensional & quality control
Laser measuring heads for diameter and width measurement
Modular laser measuring heads for diameter, width and height
Dual-axis laser measuring heads
Three-axis laser measuring heads for diameter and ovality measurement
Measuring heads for on-line diameter and ovality measurement and control
Diameter or capacitance measurement processors for data acquisition, display & control
Universal control centres for coax, telephone and data cables
In-line diameter and capacitance measuring and monitoring systems for wire and cable
Computer interface units for ODAC® and MSD measuring heads
Ultrasonic measurement & control systems for wall thickness & eccentricity
Capacitance measurement systems for cable production lines
Oscillating in-line height and width measurement solutions for profiles
Non-contact eccentricity, concentricity and diameter measuring systems for dat cables cat 5-8 and similar
X-Ray measuring system for wall thickness, eccentricity, diameter and ovality
In-line and off-line vision systems for profile and shape measurement
Lump & neckdown detectors for wires, conductors, optical fibres, cables, tubes and hoses
In-line surface quality inspection system
In-line high voltage fault testing systems
Non-contact precision speed and length laser measuring systems
In-line measuring systems for hot rolling, peeling, grinding and other processes
Rotating, oscillating and static gauges for hot and cold rolling mills
Non-contact in-line measuring systems for diameter and roundness
Calibrators for spark testers