Lamnea Bruk AB

Ljusfallshammar -
Sweden (61273)
Tel: +46 122 232 00
Fax: +46 122 232 99
Contact person:
Jonas Hagstedt
(Spare parts: Daniel Malteskog)
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Everything is possible. Our customers set the standard. We supply highly customizable equipment to wire manufacturers all over the world and have extensive experience of the changing needs of the industry.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of machines for the ferrous and stainless steel wire industry and we are a reliable supplier of complete lines and plants for the wire industry including pay-offs, mechanical de-scaling equipment, drawing machines and take-up units. 

Our journey in the wire drawing industry started more than 100 years ago which has given us a tremendous amount of experience which we incorporate in the design and manufacturing of our machines and equipment.

Lämneå Bruk is located in the Mining district of Central Sweden called Bergslagen, where there have been ironworks since the 14th century. Swedish steel has always been renowned for its high quality, and Lämneå Bruk enjoyed royal privileges back in 1727. 

"Lämneå Bruk started making machines for the wire industry a hundred years ago. Our family bought the company in 1958, and I am now the ninth generation of our family involved in wire drawing. My father’s idea was to build machines to suit every customer’s needs, and to make a real contribution to the customer’s profitability. He produced the best technical solution for each occasion, and we are continuing that philosophy. Because we produce everything here at Lämneå Bruk, we have control over the entire productuion chain, and can adapt every part of the equipment to the customer’s wishes. Our aim is to maximize benefit and profitability for our customers. That’s the way we do business." 

Jonas Hagstedt, Managing Director

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