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QP Mechanics sets up by the passion for the precision mechanics and his knowledge at 360°. The experience joins an enthusiasm doing our work like a true art. The firm intends as developer of high precision mechanics tools on a customer drawing, our strength is the tungsten-carbide (WIDIA) manufacture both in solid form and assembled in steel bodies.

Some products are: cold forming dies, punches for cold forming and extrusion, compasses, cutting tools, trenching tools, nozzles, roller for lamination, wear parts, mandrels, hammers, supports, drawing tools for special profiles, drawing tools for wire production, flat dies for thread rolling, mechanical components for several uses.


The application fields go from standard and special bolt /screw productions to wire cold forming, sheet metal forming,cutting and extrusion processing, wear application, etc. Furthermore, QP Mechanics proposes semi-finished products and to perform all types of processing on design as grinding, electrical discharge working, lapping, polishing on special mechanics both prismatic and rods, in steel or sintered materials. The right attentions for the customer’s needs allow to guarantee every time a customized service and to ensure the right compromise between price and delivery. The firm is able to offer competence in tools realisation, in materials choice and the most appropriate surface finishing for every application. The target is to satisfy the customers at 360° cooperating with them to find the best solution for every problem.